Light Vehicle Driver

Location: Qatar,

Main Duties

Deliver the orders to the customers on time.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Compare the physical QTY with the invoices.
  • Confirm receiving all invoices along with LPOs and Baladia Document’s If any, from the Customer service team, before leaving the DC.
  • Follow the delivery sequence, according to the loading plan.
  • Unload the orders to the customers along with the Labors.
  • Deliver the Physical stock in good condition, and double check the Exp. Dates before unloading the Items to the customers.
  • Get the customer signature with stamp on the invoices from the customers.
  • Hand over the signed invoices to the invoices checker on daily basis.
  • Report any variance to his direct supervisor on the spot.
  • Call the sales team for any sales refusals on the spot.
  • Deliver all orders at the same day to customers, according to the Daily plan from his supervisor.
  • Return back the Empty Pallets to the warehouse.
  • Clean his truck on Daily basis.

Job Requirements

Age Limit

Not more than 35years


 Read and Write English


Work Experience

  •   +3 years’ Experience with food Delivery preferably.

Application For Light Vehicle Driver

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